about me
"it's a miracle that we could meet"
I'm Momohana and this is my personal twitter where I tweet about my daily life, sometimes I like to share new music I find, but mostly I like to tweet about Saku, Issei or other Ichus! I don't really know any other Ichu fans so please feel free to introduce yourself! ^w^
I'm also a student at Etoile Vio as a 3rd generation student so I'm can't always be online, but feel free to reach out to me!
Birthday   February 10

Horoscope   Capricorn

Ps   Saku, Issei and Alchemist/Lancelot!

Fave Hobbies   Vocal training, listening to music and making accessories

favorite foods   Dumplings

favorite music   Rock, Pop and Enka!